Working with Sterling Perfume Industries

With such a wealth of companies and brands in our stable, Sterling Perfumes Industries offers limitless opportunities for talented professionals. Come, join our team and discover the essence that touches lives globally.

Be part of a vision. Be aligned to a mission.

Sterling Perfumes Industries has a strong foundation of values. It is these that create the atmosphere for our people to deliver beyond in their careers and feel a sense of achievement and fulfillment.

We create a creative, safe and inspiring environment – because we care deeply about our people.

You will be a part of a diverse and vibrant team – creators, leaders, thinkers, crafters and innovators – representing more than 2,000 people working across the world, embracing multiculture.

In a unique work environment that celebrates diversity, sustainability and creativity. A quest for excellence, where each of us is motivated to think deeper about our brands and encouraged to go beyond business and embrace your possibilities.

Come, connect, collaborate, create, craft, co-exist with some of the finest professionals. When you join us, you have a sterling path to your career.

Give your potential passion.

At Sterling Perfumes Industries, you will have the complete freedom and autonomy to find and exceed your potential. With so many different sectors, brands, job roles and responsibilities, you will have every opportunity to glow and grow.

We are a brand inspired by a clear purpose – to be human-driven. To be inspiring and meaningful to our people.

We have clear vision roadmaps to develop your talent. We encourage each and every team member to be a free-thinker, an entrepreneur, an idea-seeker.

Most importantly, we are rooted in a legacy that believes in our people. We believe in you. We believe in the culture of collaboration, inclusion and well-being.

Let your journey begin with us.

At Sterling Perfumes Industries, we are driven by ambition. Which is why, you shall be too. We are focused on developing the talents for tomorrow.

Our leadership team is hands on to make your career with us an enriching professional experience. They help create a stimulating environment dedicated to growth and self-actualization.

With many opportunities and programs – for recent graduates and experienced professionals alike – that will help envision your career path.

With us, you will be supported in developing your personal talents and skills. With us, you shall be encouraged in seeking your complete potential. With us, you will be driven to enhance your self-motivation and learning and development.

Most importantly, with us, you will be imbued with a sense of self-confidence for your future.

Our R&D Perfumery Laboratory. Where new career dreams are developed.

Need a career dream that has the perfect ingredients? We have many opportunities at our high-tech R&D Perfumery Laboratory in Dubai.

This is our national hub for ingredient development for fragrances and cosmetics – allowing us to explore the latest technology and machinery to power the creation of our oils, mixing and sampling and to map consumer insights and preferences for Sterling Industries.

Aligned to the UAE 2050 Vision espoused by the visionary leaders of the UAE, this Perfume Laboratory is sustainable and helps facilitate and promote the local fragrance business industry across Dubai and the UAE. To envision and create exclusive French and Oriental fragrances and cosmetics that are unmatched in quality, luxury and sophistication.

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