TFWA World Exhibition & Conference, Cannes, France

A defining moment of our TFWA Cannes 2023 journey was the moment captured in the frames of time with Mr. Philippe Ugheetto, President - the Fragrance Foundation of France at the Duty Free & Travel Retail Summit. This image symbolizes Sterling’s dedication to achieving excellence in the fragrance industry and cements our position as a formidable player. With our Chairman, Mr. Ali Asgar Fakhruddin, it’s a snapshot of a partnership that holds immense promise.

Our presence at Cannes this year extended beyond just highlighting our award-winning luxury French Fragrances like ARMAF, and OROS, amongst others. It focused on collaborations with renowned Perfumers and extending hospitality to fellow industry leaders. The warm reception and genuine camaraderie at Cannes left a lasting impression on us.


It has opened doors for collaboration, mentorship, and growth within the fragrance industry. We are excited about the limitless possibilities that lie ahead and look forward to accomplishing new milestones together. Once, again, pioneers paved the way forward.